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Find out everything about your holidays in Chania Greece on our travel guide! Discover the best things to do in Chania, fantastic beaches and restaurants!

At the westernmost side of Crete, Chania is a wonderful place for vacations.

It offers a beautiful medieval town, some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and some sights of high interest.

Dreaming of visiting Chania? Start exploring it with us!

Castle of Gramvoussa

Gramvoussa is a small islet off the exotic beach of Balos, western Crete. On top of this islet, there is a steep castle built by the Venetians between 1579 and 1582.

Frangokastello Fortress

Built by the Venetians in 1371, Frangokastello is one of the landmarks of Crete.

It is an imposing structure with an exciting and mysterious story: people report to have seen the ghosts of fighters on the beach in some dawns of May.

Lake Kournas

Lake Kourna is the only lake with fresh water in Crete.

It is situated in a magnificent location, just 4km away from Georgioupolis Chania. The lake is surrounded by a greenery environment with rare plants and trees.

Monastery of Chrissoskalitissa

Monastery of Chrissoskalitissa

The Monastery of Virgin Mary Chrissoskalitissa is located on top of a hill above Elafonissi beach, on the southwestern coast of Chania.

Inside the monastery, there is a small museum with Byzantine icons, rare manuscripts, and folklore items.

Naval Museum of Crete

The Naval Museum of Crete is housed in Firka Tower, at the entrance of the Venetian Harbor of Chania. This interesting museum houses a collection of ship models from the ancient until modern times and other maritime exhibits.

Minoan’s World 3D Museum & 9D Cinema

Europe’s oldest civilization meets Europe’s first 3D Museum and 9D Cinema!

It is a combination of a 3D Museum (non archaeological) with life-like statues made out of silicon and mesmerizing 3D art that comes to life through your phone’s camera, and a 9D cinema which will take you back in time with fully immersive special effects.

Venetian Arsenals

One of the most enduring landmarks in Chania is the 16th-century Venetian shipyards. It is known for its historical vaulted buildings. The buildings of this area were purposely constructed for shipbuilding which flourished in Chania in the 16th century.

Gouverneto Monastery

Gouverneto Monastery (Moni Gouvernetou) is one of the oldest monasteries in Crete, as it was built in 1537.

Gouverneto Monastery, or Our Lady of the Angels as it is also known, is on the Akrotiri Peninsula, about 4 km from Agia Triada Monastery, or 19 km north of Chania.

Ancient Aptera

The ruins of Ancient Aptera can be found at the entrance of Souda Bay, next to the tourist place of Kalami. The founder of Aptera, whose name means “with no wings”, is believed to have been Glaukos. Archaeological excavations first started in the 1860s and they are continued till today.

Tzagarolon Monastery

The Monastery of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity), or Tzagarolon Monastery as it is also known, is one of the most impressive monasteries you will see in Crete.

The Monastery of Agia Triada is located on the Akrotiri Peninsula, in the north of Chania Prefecture. It is 15 kilometres from Chania, very close to Chania Airport and the equally – famous Monastery of Gouverneto.

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Chania is located in the Catholic Church of Saint Francis, close to the Venetian Harbor of Chania. Its exhibits give a view of the region’s history from the Neolithic till the Roman times.

Ancient Falassarna

In close distance to the beach of Falassarna, there is the archaeological site of Ancient Falassarna that includes a harbor, an acropolis, and a cemetery.

This was a major trading center in ancient times and even had its own coins.

Venizelos Graves

Venizelos graves, the graves of Eleftherios Venizelos and Sofoklis Venizelos, situated in an excellent location of the hill of Prophet Elias, in Akrotiri peninsula, just 5 km east from the city of Chania, Crete.

Both Venizelos graves, next to each other, are in a beautiful park created with gardens, paved paths, stairs, terraces and benches under the shade of pine trees, but what gives awful beauty to this place, are the panoramic views in the sea area, the city of Chania and the whole region.